LRC Custom Builders crafts thought-provoking, architecturally designed homes and custom interiors throughout Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast

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If you have all of your drawings and are seeking a quote for your new build thank you for considering LRC Custom Builders. We’ll need to have a meeting on site or in our Barwon Heads office to make sure we have everything required to give you a thoroughly researched quote. Soil report, energy report, engineering and Architectural plans, a list of your desired fixtures and appliances, plus an understanding of your block where the build it taking place.



As Project Manager, Lachlan will be your person of contact throughout the entire project, happily answering any questions that arise. Our commitment is to keep our clients updated throughout the process. It is entirely up to each client to decide how much, or how little, involvement they would like to have in the process.
LRC proudly use Buildxact to manage our builds. This allows a forward facing portal for clients to access all files and costings relative to each project.

project management 

The homes we build require skilful craftsmen, respect for detail and patient consideration. Each challenge is approached with logical problem solving, incorporating all aspects of the building process, including environment and economical review. Clever consideration is given to deciding which building techniques will need to be employed to construct each project, respecting time-honoured craftsmanship combined with innovative practice.




"A nice blend of old and new."

— LRC moto


We Accept a Limited Number of Clients Year.

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Please inquire with more details about your project and we'll set up a consultation to determine if we're the right fit.